The Network

Having spent more than 30 years writing poetry, story shorts, novels, articles and niches, it was in September 2011 that Marcus De Storm received the greatest news of his life – his novel “The Brotherhood Of The Realms” had been accepted for Publication and Printing in the United States of America.

With all intentions of helping others find this in their writing without having to wait three decades or more, it is with the help of Writer’s & Author’s, that may find some success in what they write. The only one catch to this Blog – if you want to call it a Catch – is that you Subscribe, Comment and Rate where applicable.

Giving a larger reward for Subscribing – which is FREE – it is hoped that there are other writers out there who wish to share their own views and experiences with Publishers and Printers, as well as Agents, too. In doing so, the site offers more openness to its Archive of UK Publishers and Printers. If that sounds too good to be true, then the best thing would be to look further on the Internet for a Publisher or Helping Website for Writers and Authors that charge £30 – £200 pounds a year for you to gain a whole lot of NOTHING.

Neither The [MKDS] Network or Marcus De Storm gain any financial benefits from this Blog. It is the policy of The Network to give this information FREELY and by FREE and FREELY, we really mean FREE and FREELY. What we gain out of it all is simply your visits, loyalty and trust – in time – and that if you do get Published by a Publisher, then you keep us up to date on your progress. That’s it, that’s all.

Good Luck my friends.


Marcus De Storm

Director of The [MKDS] Network 1978-2011

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