Many people around the world today will know that The [MKDS] Network 2011 has a firm, but comfortable foot hold on the Internetwork, as well as Google, Yahoo, MSN and other Search Engine’s that are made available to us all. The reasons for this are simple and no great secret that we choose to keep to ourselves.

Blogs and Blogging have been around for more than thirty years – believe it or not – and through Blogging there have been hundreds, if not thousands of Writers/Authors who have had their “Works” published. The fundamentals of Blogging are simple enough to understand and you don’t have to be a First Class Writer/Author to enter the fast land world of Posting a Story or piece of work. The simplicity of Blogs is that you can work on them anywhere and at anytime; Post, Link, Update, Rate, Comment, etc.

With the growing Technology that has become widely available too, we can even do all of this on Mobile Phones, Androids and even Smart Phone Engineering opposed to carrying a lumpy Laptop around or rushing into the nearest Cyber Cafe to get that vital piece done.

Below you will find just a few useful Links to some of the Worlds (Not just the UK or USA) Blog Conduits (Now you know what we mean by Conduits) and Niche Sites that offer a far better Main Stream Audience than your “Pay and Subscribe” websites that offer the world and give you a Rented Island. Many of these Links are Free (about 90%), whereas the remaining 10% may require a payment method if you wish to Upgrade to the Professional Based Websites. We recommend using the Free Ones until a time when YOU feel comfortable knowing that to pay for a service will better your Audience.

We wish you all the luck and ask for your Ratings, Comments and Subscriptions as a Payment for us. That’s it. That’s all.


Marcus De Storm (© The [MKDS] Network 2011)

The Network

Amazines– One of the Communities that share Niches and has a large Community

Isnare – A large Community that allows various articles and Niches from Writers

Article Click – A large Community based site for Articles and Niches

Articles Factory – A large and pleasant Community for Niches and Articles

UPublish – A large growing Community for Articles and other writing’s

Article Cube – A Niche and Article site that allows you to upload Videos, too.

Bukisa – A very popular and growing Community for the dedicated Writer.

Squidoo – Share anything and everything on this large Community site.

To get more information and more Links, please Subscribe to The [MKDS] Network’s “Writers & Authors”. Once Subscribed, you will get an Email Invitation to “Valued Information For UK Writers And Authors” which is also known as The [MKDS] Network 2.

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