The Network

Today it is far less likely to get a Manuscript Published than twenty years ago, and unfortunately, this is a true fact.

More and more Publishing Houses are careful when it comes to accepting “Works” from a new Writer/Author, and this is simply because of the impact it going to have on the “Book Market”. If they believe a Manuscript is going to sell well and make them a lot of money – as well as the Writer/Author, too, of course – then they will accept the “Work”. If they see that the Manuscript may struggle, then the chances are the Manuscript will be “Rejected” or “Returned”.

Throughout these Pages you will find the Names, Addresses, Categories and other relevant information needed to “Submit” your material, Manuscripts or Novels with the utmost of ease. All of the noted information is Correct as from the date they were posted and the Names, Addresses, too, will be correct for the Writer/Author to use for Contacting the relevant Departments.

We here at The [MKDS] Network 2011 wish you all the luck in your Projects and Efforts in becoming a Published Writer/Author, and all we ask in return for your Luck, Planning or Success, is that you Rate, Comment or Subscribe to our Network Blogs. That is it. That’s all. No Fees, No Cost, No Problem.

© The MKDS Network 2011/Marcus De Storm 2011.

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