Financial Times

Address: 1 Southwark Bridge,

London SE1 9HL


Editor: Lionel Barber

Tel: 020-7873 3000 or Fax: 020-7873 3076

Supplements: Money, FT Global Traveller, FT Digital Business, Business Books & How To Spend It.

What They Want: Articles concerning Financial, Industrial, Commercial and Economic interest.

Min/Max Length: 800-1000 words

Payments/Methods: Payment for submissions will be by arrangement only.



Daily Star

Address: Express Newspapers,

Northern & Shell Building,

10 Lower Thames Street,

London EC3R 6EN


Editor: Dawn Neesom

Tel: 020-8612 7000 or Fax: 020-8612 7401

Supplements: Hot TV, Sport, Music and News

What They Want: Contact Editor for more information.

Min/Max Length: Check with Editor.

Payments/Methods: Check with Editor.



The Guardian

Address: King’s Place,

90 York Way,

London N1 9GU


Editor: Alan Rusbridger

Tel: 020-3353 2000

Supplements: Weekend, Work, Money, Education, G2, Review, Film & Music, Media, Society

What They Want: Few articles are accepted from outside writers except on its feature and specialist pages. Illustrations: news and features photos.

Min/Max Length: 1,000 words

Payments/Methods: starting from £295.72 per 1,000 words; £125-£350 (size permitting) for illustrations.



Daily Record

Address: 1 Central Quay,

Glasgow G3 8DA


Editor: Bruce Waddell

Tel: 0141-309 3000 or Fax: 0141-309 3340

Supplements: Recruitment Record, Living, TV Record, Road Record, Saturday

What They Want: Articles from Exclusive sources, Scottish interests, and exclusive colour photos.

Min/Max Length: 300-700 words

Payments/Methods: Contact Editor



The Sun

Address: News Group Newspapers Ltd

1 Virginia Street,

London E1 9XP


Editor: Dominic Mohan

Tel: 020-7782 4000 or Fax: 020-7782 4095

Supplements: Television Magazine, Cashflow

What They Want: News Exclusives, Interesting Articles, Cartoons, Scoops. Accepts Freelance Material.

Min/Max Length: Contact Editor for details

Payments/Methods: By Negotiation



The Times

Address: 1 Pennington Street,

London E98 1TT


Editor: James Harding

Tel: 020-7782 5000 or Fax: 020-7782 5988

Supplements: Football Handbook, Body & Soul, Times Law, The Game, Times Sport, Books, Bricks & Mortar, Times Magazine, Travel

What They Want: Outside writers considered from experts in subjects of current interest and writers who can make first-hand experience or reflection come readably alive. Contact appropriate Editor.

Min/Max Length: Up to 1,200

Payments/Methods: Enquire with Editor



Exec Editor: Alex O’Connell

Deputy Editor: Keith Blackmore

Education Editor: Greg Hurst

Foreign Editor: Richard Beeston

Health Editor: Sam Lister

Home News Editor: Robert Cole

Literary Editor: Erica Wagner

Media Editor: Alexi Mostrous

Science Editor: Mark Henderson

Sports Editor: Tim Hallissey


Yorkshire Evening Post

Address: PO Box 168

Wellington Street,

Leeds LS1 1RF

Email: N/A

Editor: Paul Napier

Tel: 0113-2432701 ext. 1434 & 8917 or Fax: 0113-388536

What They Want: News Stories and Feature Articles, Illustrations: Colour and Black & White, Cartoons and Articles of Interest.

Min/Max Length: Enquire at P.O.C (Point of Contact)

Payments/Methods: By Negotiation



The Press

Address: Newsquest York

PO Box 29,

76-86 Walmgate,

York YO1 9YN


Managing Editor: Steve Hughes

Tel: 01904-653051 or Fax: 01904-612853

What They Want: Articles of North and East Yorkshire interest. Illustrations: Line and Half Tone.

Min/Max Length: 500-1,000 words

Payments/Methods: By Arrangement



Daily Express

Northern & Shell Building

10 Lower Thames Street

London EC3R6EN

Tel: 0208-612 7000



Editor: Peter Hill

Supplements: Daily Express Saturday

Requirements: Exclusive news, striking photos, leader page articles. Facts preferred to opinions.

Min.Max Length: 600 words

Payment: According to value

Additional: Daily Express Saturday Magazine

Editor: Graham Bailey


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