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Prepare For “O.A.S.N Book 1: The Beginning”

“On A Storyteller’s Night Book 1: The Beginning”, the sequel to “The Brotherhood Of The Realms” Pilot novel published in both eBook and Paperback on Amazon, is ready to be put out to the world. With “The Brotherhood of the Realms”, we saw the rise of Marcus Chance go through the ranks of C.I.B., with the guidance of DSI Ted Calvert; a thorn in the side for many years to Chance and other’s connected to Seacliffe Police Divisional Headquarters.

Through a ‘Life on the edge’ lifestyle, Marcus Chance has become embroiled in many of the ‘Suburban’ ways of making money, and staying alive long enough to see another day. Only by the powers of the Law Courts, did Marcus get the break he needed for a form of normal life – to serve the Community as a Police Detective on the C.I.B’s ‘Cold Cases Unit’; the unit dealing with past unsolved cases of murders, missing persons and various other jobs that no other officer would voluntarily undertake.

Continuing the cases within the volumes of “On A Storyteller’s Night”, the long charted cases take the reader back through time to the very beginning to when Storm Island was first cursed by the gods, and here they learn the stories that have made the Isle of Storm one of the last places on Earth that anyone would wish to be.

What to Expect From Book 1:

Awakening: In 115 B.C, the war referred only as ‘The Shift’ drew a conclusion that not all the Gods wanted to fight, and so, a select few made their way out into the Cosmos looking for the places of ‘Sanctuary’ rumoured to exist. From all the planets in all of the galaxies only two were found to be safe from the reach of chaos and war – Terra, or Earth, as the Gods chose to call it. Here, the safe haven remained peaceful and calm until one of the Gods became tainted by some unbound force from ‘The One’ and so tired of the world being filled with peace, declaring war on the human’s that graced the surface. This was the beginning of the nightmare’s, for both humans and God’s.


The First of Three: Marcus Chance has found his feet within C.I.B., Seacliffe’s ‘Serious Crime Squad Department’ that investigates the unsolved crimes which have hit the Isle of Storm over the years. With many of the cases revolving around the legendary ‘Bluebell Wood,’ it is DCI Chance who must bring the killer to justice, and finally put to rights many sin’s which the local people hold in their lives.


The Bluebell Mystery: Quiet, peaceful and picturesque, the proud standing of Seacliffe Manor brought many childhood dreams alive with its hospitality and kindness from its host, Mrs Blane. When a sudden death leads the property owner to leave, not all returns back to normal. For one long serving Detective, the nightmares are just about to begin.


In God We Trust: They say that during any war that is fought, there are certain incidents which must never be repeated or shared with the outside world. For Daniel Svek the incident at Grychov will be one incident that will remain a closely guarded secret, until a time when the story must be told. After quickly escaping London, to move onto Storm Island, Daniel approaches the L.M.A.S (Library of Advanced Medical Science) where through the help of Natasha Yvonovic, some conclusion can be made on the incident. With the Russian National Security Agency hot on Daniel’s heels to conceal the truth, the outcome may not be what the Agency expected.


The Man in Black: Joshua has always believed himself as a normal boy, living with a normal family in the Capital City of Storm Island and attending school with his normal friends. All of this changes when he receives a visit from The Man in Black. For Joshua a darkened secret is about to unfold that determines his father’s fate.


The Haunting of the Dog: On the Isle of Storm, evil moves among the residents as freely as the domestic animal stays close to its Master. When the evil that walks through unnoticed between the living and the dead chooses its victim, only sorrow, heart-break and death will follow in its very wake.


On Hallowed Ground: Nasperine 1266 B.C., the era of God’s, Demons and human Magicians that together decide the fate of the human race upon the Isle of Storm. The centre point of The Isle of Storm (also known as Storm Island) has been set within Bluebell Wood, with the help of Hollow Falls as a secondary place of interest for the Gods. When Lord Karin falls ill unexpectedly, it is the duty of his son, Valkerin to take the ‘Right of Passage’ and so become the new ruler over Storm Island and its people. It is the tale of “Hope” that brings the conclusion of Valkerin’s fate to the forefront, as well as the journey to the Temple which will reveal the future of the island.


The Big Story: Xander McCormick has been a reporter for the Seacliffe Standard newspaper since he left High School, and only wishes for a big story scoop to set his path onto bigger things. When he accepts an assignment categorised as “D”, Xander accepts the challenge of solving the puzzle of two young lover’s deaths around Bluebell Wood. Only by using his best abilities will Xander discover the secret’s that have surrounded the tainted woods for many years, and, if by the luck of the devil himself see the story out to the very end.


Getting It Right: When sixteen-year-old Amanda Cartwright suddenly starts experiencing severe head and chest pains, she is immediately admitted to Seacliffe General Hospital for surgery. Conducting this surgical procedure is Mr Deville, one of the best Neuro surgeons on the entire island, who reassures the young girl that the operation is straight forward. Unbeknown to Amanda, or the rest of the staff at the hospital, is that Mr Deville has a much deeper and darker ulterior motive for carrying out the operation.


Probe: Into The Future: Auto-Technologies has become world famous for their manufacturing of the more luxurious, prestigious and proto-type vehicles that every octane-blooded racer wants to be driving in today’s world. But not all is well with their newest edition, as Miss Allen – who is hell bent on revenge makes the car company owner well aware of.


Death on the Road: (Bonus Chapter). Kenneth Reece and his soon-to-be wife Michelle Talbot run away and set out to Grey Cavern Cove to get married in secret, but along the way the journey does not go as much to plan as they had hoped. With an escaped mental patient on the loose, it is only a matter of time before they’re pre-wedding happiness is destroyed.


Expect More…Get More

Unlike “The Brotherhood Of The Realms”, the collection of Story-Shorts within “On A Storyteller’s Night Book 1: The Beginning”, will promise to take you back to where it all began – to the time when Gods battled, fell and scattered around the multitudes of endless galaxies. With more emphasis on the storylines surrounding the people of Storm Island, as well as learning about key incidents, deaths, murders and the all important source of the islands existence after its separation from the mainland. Meet the Gods that settled upon our Earth, visualise the battles between good and evil, while at the same time follow the sub-plot storylines that open up the links between the Isle of Storm and Storm Island – two islands that exist within two time lines, each surviving by their own methods, and yet, both having the same ultimate goal…to reach the mainland and escape the island.

With ten Story-Shorts plus one extra Story-Short for an added bonus “On A Storyteller’s Night” will run through to a total of twenty-five volumes – that’s 275 Story-Shorts – before the very last book brings the ultimate ‘Finale’ in “Severed Ties”, scheduled for release 2013.


What’s Next?

With the main Pilot Novel now put out on eBook and Paperback, it leaves “On A Storyteller’s Night Book 1: The Beginning” to be released, which is now on a very short countdown…5 Days and counting. That’s right, only five more days until the sequel to “The Brotherhood” is released in paperback and made available globally. The ISBN will be posted on the appropriate BlogSite’s and other conduits throughout The Network, as well as a price that we are sure that you will agree is a bargain through these hard times.

As well as “On A Storyteller’s Night Book 1: The Beginning”, we will be launching a new series of Stories – pretty much ‘Hush-Hush’ at the moment on the title – that is to cater for our Sci-Fi Readers and Fans. Anyone who has been following our “Story Blogs” over the last five years will know which ones we are referring to. And, with many other ‘Series’ ideas on the horizon, we just know there is a book out there for you, whether it be on eBook, Kindle, or Paperback.

Thank you for following our Authors and we wish you all the best for the future.

© Marcus De Storm 2012

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