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Writer’s Offered FREE Information & Sources

The Network

Are you an aspiring writer/author? Don’t have sources or know-how to approach a Publisher or Agent? Do you want to get your Story-Short, Novel or Poetry published? The Network & S.M.M.T Ltd have merged to bring great news and a Promise to anyone who is looking for serious information but without having to pay to get it. Anyone interested in this FREE (No Strings) opportunity email me now at THEMKDSNETWORK@GMAIL.COM and be one of the first to skip the hurdles. This is not financially beneficial to anyone – except the Writer/Author.

Many will already know of The [MKDS] Network and its 36+ Blogsites that cover the Internetwork today, and so too, will know of Storm Multi-Media Technologies Ltd (International) which has given more than 80% cut price Technology deals to the world on more than a few occasions.

For many The Network is a Conduit; an interweaving structure throughout the Internetwork that has brought the topics of Laughter, News, Factual, Fiction, Controversy and even Deconstruction to some that have been unlucky enough to go head-to-head with it’s growth in popularity. To other’s, The Network has been a joke, a waste of space that should have been closed down a long time ago, and something that has served no purpose.

Well, for those that believe 500,000+ visitors are wrong, and that both GWN.2011 (Global World News) and Je Teme Fr. have been mistaken into thinking that The [MKDS] Network 2011 is a flawed outlet of useful and up to date News, Reviews, Information and Valued Guide’s, then think again. Think very hard.

Running from the 8th – 11th September 2011, S.M.M.T Ltd and The [MKDS] Network 2011 has joined forces to bring together a Project that will not only prove the Blogs and Websites “Valuable”, but also put to rest the rumour that both Internetwork Media Companies were destined to join together.

So, what does this new partnership bring? Well, for one thing, the “Joint Project Operations Teams” or ‘JPOT’s’ have established a new footing regarding “Writer’s & Authors”, something that will rattle the cages of those “other” websites and Blogs out there that make claims that they can get a Writer Published, or get them an Agent with Connections. Secondly, The [MKDS] Network 2011 has structured a new Blog on the WordPress.com Network which DOES offer a vast amount of Information, Guidance and Contact’s to which the Member can “See for themselves” the Proof of the pudding, so to speak.

The burning question is this: “Does the member have to pay a Subscription to access this valuable content?” The answer is NO. If no, then what is the catch?

To access the Information, Guidance and Contact’s that The [MKDS] Network 2011 offer’s FREE, all the Writer/Author has to do is Subscribe to the Blog – No money or financial benefit will come to either S.M.M.T Ltd or The [MKDS] Network 2011. It is a Non-money making Project that will benefit ONLY the Writer’s & Authors themselves by responding to the Information and Contact’s provided. That’s It. That’s all.

For a full explanation of WHY The Network is launching this Project, then those who are interested should click on the link above or alternatively, click The [MKDS] Network 2011.

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