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The [MKDS] Network Is Expanding…

The [MKDS] Network

The [MKDS] Network

The [MKDS] Network has had a strong Internetwork presence for more than fifteen (15) years now, more so in the last three (3) years with the merging of its platforms through Social Networks, BlogSpaces, Web Landing Pads and, of course, the many shortened – but effective Social Networks – Twitter, Sound Cloud, My Space, Vioptron and many others.

Today, The Network picks up more than a dozen accolades, awards, stars and appreciation “Thumbs Up” for its providing of Information, News, Facts, Exclusives, Entertainment, Literature and lots of other enjoyable stuff. Its firm presence on the Internetwork proves that it has a following, it proves that it has the ability to reach into the vastness of the World Wide Web, while in the same way, the followers and fans of The Network have the same two way ability to contact and converse with The Network, too.

The birth of The Network was during the 1980’s, and today, with many friends, associates and assistants that have joined up, walked alongside and become a part of this growing force of “Words & Pictures”, it is The Network that will thrive and grow for years to come.

Our Key-Core holdings on the Internetwork are as follows, where The Network invite anyone (age permitting on some landing sites) to join us in the Public Domain. Your support means a lot, as does you’re following of the many topics that they offer. Thank you for following The Network 2012.



The Conspired Son (Moderated) U-Coz

The DVD Archive (Moderated) U-Coz

Storm Island: O.A.S.N (Moderated) U-Coz

The Brotherhood (Moderated) U-Coz

Time Raiders: The Chronicles (Moderated) U-Coz

Suburban Heat: Rise Of An Empire (Moderated) U-Coz

The Dark Tower (Music Review Website) U-Coz

The Hub (Marcus De Storm) WordPress

T.H.E.U.1 (The Hash Express Ultimate 1) WordPress

S.M.M.T Ltd (International) WordPress

The DVD Archive WordPress

The Comedy Club UK – WordPress

The Female Celebrity (Moderated) WordPress

The Male Celebrity (Moderated) WordPress

The X-Celebrity (Moderated) WordPress

Writers & Author’s – WordPress

The Writer’s Circle – WordPress

On A Storyteller’s Night – WordPress

Everything about Games – WordPress

Fall Of The Law Lord – WordPress




Severed Ties (Moderated)

A Writers Source (Moderated)

The Black Book List (Moderated)

The White Book List (Moderated)

Tears Of Children (Moderated)

The MKDS Article Collection (Moderated)


***Please NOTE: All Blogs & Sites that show the “Moderated” Icon or Word, are those which will show the “Guest” little of the Site, while a simple sign up with basic information will allow “Full Access” to the contents therein.

We (At “The Network” 2012) would like to thank everyone who has supported and followed us over the years, and we hope that you will continue to follow us for many more.


©®™Ω Marcus De Storm. All Rights Reserved.

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