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10 New Contacts For Screen & Playwright’s

As some of our regular viewer’s throughout The Network are aware, we have been discussing the future of “Writer’s & Author’s” as a Blog. With little interest in the volume of “Contacts”, especially with Direct Contact details to some of the leading “Publishers” and “Editors”, it was concluded that the Blogsite stay – for now.

In addition to the “Stay” position of “Writer’s & Author’s”, we have decided to expand the database of contacts with the introduction of a further 10 Contacts in the area of “Screen & Playwright’s” for those who are looking for submitting their theatrical material. These will be posted in the next three days.

For those who are looking for “Poetry Publishers” and “Poetry Agents”, we have a small selection of addresses and contact details, as we have also selected 5 contacts in the “Story-Short and Novel” areas. All of these contacts, we must stress are regarded as the “Creme De La Creme” of the Book Publishing World. Any Writer or Author wishing for any specific address or Publishing House should drop us a line with the name or any brief details that may help us find them.

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